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28842Re[2]: Strange behaviour of :compiler/:make/tidy

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  • dionn@tomtom.com
    Jun 7, 2002
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      Vince wrote:
      > I would suggest adding some debug to find out
      > exactly what command line Vim is using to
      > invoke tidy... perhaps it's messing up the
      > application of 'shellredir'

      The easy answer to this is this:

      :!tidy -quiet -errors --gnu-emacs yes xxxxxxxx.htm > C:\TEMP\VIeAAB.tmp

      That's what Vim reports when it performs the make; the same with gvim -V.

      An interesting detail I overlooked earlier: There is a space between the
      >-sign and the filename, whereas my shellredir value is this:

      shellredir=>%s 2>&1

      With no space between the redirection symbo and the filename.
      Could it be that Vim doesn't use shellredir when performing a make?
      Investigating further...

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