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27963Re: vim.org reviewed and classified

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  • Gavin Sinclair
    Mar 31, 2002
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      From: "Ricardo SIGNES"

      [everything snipped as it was an attachment]

      Good job, Ricardo. I have two comments:

      *** I agree we need an up-to-date FAQ, and I offer to create/maintain one.
      I'd appreciate if people can get me started by sending any questions they
      can think of. I will refer to vi FAQs and trawl the history of this mailing
      list. (gsinclair at soyabean dot com dot au)

      *** I don't believe that www.vim.org should merely point to vim.sf.net.
      People visiting a site like vim.org for the first time expect a neat summary
      of the product and links to other information. They don't expect, and
      generally wouldn't appreciate, an automated page that dives right in to tips
      and scripts.

      www.vim.org should contain the following things:

      - introduction
      - brief history
      - explanation of and link to vim online
      - link to FAQ
      - link to download page

      This is fairly static. Nothing needs to change unless links are moved,
      which should be unnecessary.


      * Vim online is a resource, not a home page.

      * I'll get started on a FAQ.

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