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27611Re: Win32 6.1a default cd change

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  • Walter Briscoe
    Mar 4, 2002
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      In article <200203012147.g21Llkr05729@...> of Fri, 1 Mar 2002
      22:47:46 in , Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> writes
      >Walter Briscoe wrote:
      >> I apologise if this has been reported or is documented and I have not
      >> found it.
      >> In 6.0, starting vim with a command like:
      >> vim a:\b\c\d.e sets the current directory and device to a:b\c and opens
      >> d.e. vim a:/b\c\d.e leaves the directory and device unchanged.
      >> In 6.1a, both commands behave in the same way. Was this intended? Why?
      >> [The reason for the implicit cd is that vim may be opened from a
      >> shortcut or by other devious means and no useful directory is then
      >> available. Any such filename uses '\\' as a directory delimiter and
      >> never uses '/']
      >For me it still works like you describe for Vim 6.0. I don't see
      >something relevant that changed. I can't guess why it works differently
      >for you... Have you compiled Vim yourself perhaps? Which version are
      >you talking about anyway, console or GUI?

      When I repeated the work this morning, I was unable to reproduce the
      problem. Please put it down to finger trouble!
      Walter Briscoe
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