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27605RE: Win32 ACLs unreliable.

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  • Vince Negri
    Mar 4, 2002
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      > Bram Moolenaar [SMTP:Bram@...] wrote:
      > It indeed appears that going back to the old solution would be better.
      > One last attempt to do at least some ACL things: Can we add a check that
      > returns three possible values:
      > ACL check returns "file is writable"
      > ACL check returns "file is r/o"
      > ACL is unreliable, ignore it.

      > And then use the third option whenever we have some doubt that ACL is
      > actually working. When that's always the case, it should be very simple
      > to implement! :-)

      On NT4 Sp4, GetEffectiveRightsFromAcl() returns bilge, so the answer on
      this platform would always be number 3!

      I think that until someone hand-rolls a VimGetEffectiveRightsFromAcl()
      which actually works, Win32 ACL-checking should be compiled out for 6.1

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