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27602RE: Win32 ACLs unreliable.

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  • Vince Negri
    Mar 4, 2002
      On 03 Mar 2002, 12:15 Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Alternatively, we can assume all files on ACL'ed file systems are
      > writable, since mostly people complain if a file is marked read-only
      > while its actually writable.

      I'd go with this. It's much less irritating to occasionally get a
      warning when trying to save a file which is actually read-only (from
      ACLs) but Vim thought was writeable, than to be told a writeable file
      is read-only.

      BTW, the editor in Visual Studio isn't ACL-aware and neither is that
      in C++ Builder, so while reliable ACL support would be nice, its
      absence isn't something that heinous (at least on MS Windows

      Vince Negri (vnegri@...) The Man with no Mouse
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