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27589Win32 ACLs unreliable.

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  • Mike Williams
    Mar 3, 2002
      Hi peeps,

      Looking into some problem reports to do with Windows ACL checks, it seems that the
      NT high level security functions are very buggy and the only thing the OS service
      packs do is change the current set of bugs. Google turns up a nice list of problems
      for all major NT releases it seems.

      The only reliable approach to ACL handling seems to be to get down and dirty with
      the low level system calls. A quick Google search has turned up the following page as
      having sample code that could be used as a basis for rewriting the ACL checking:


      Until I (or someone else) gets a chance to review this and reimplement the relevant
      bits in C (it's in C++) I recommend that Yet Another Option (TM - V.Negri) is added to
      turn off ACL checking that users can use if they experience problems. Not a full
      solution but at least that should prevent a large number of complaints.

      Help! Someone turned reality back on.
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