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  • Ali Akcaagac
    Dec 3, 2001
      On Mon, 2001-12-03 at 23:22, Tim Hammerquist wrote:
      > > Time to abandond KDE and go for Gnome... =)
      > You still use KDE?! ;)
      > I ditched KDE for Enlightenment months ago. E has better gnome
      > support than KDE, and Eterm's prettier too!


      i don't want to start a KDE vs. GNOME flamewar on a vim developers list
      but i think that both environments either KDE and GNOME has their pros
      and cons.

      pro kde:
      - cool core with plugins system
      - a lot of applications available for it
      - core app like konqueror simply works and is fast
      - from all environments it looks most complete

      con kde:
      - long compile time
      - ugly interface icons and themes should really be improved
      - you are forced to install packs that you don't want if you compile
      from scratch. i want just the antenna but need to get the whole
      - configurability, e.g. placing of windows and have them stay there
      - information when moving windows around
      - kmail (the only mailer i know for kde) ain't that good

      pro gnome:
      - looks cool
      - fast compile
      - may become really cool

      con gnome:
      - nautilus is unusable and slow compared to konqueror and compared to my
      - interprocess communication currently sucks, there's no REAL plugins
      kinda system as under kde (well there is bonobo but when will all apps
      use it)
      - inconsistent look of many apps (everthing behave different)
      - no real browser integration. well yes you have galeon, which is really
      cool but as long as you need to install MOZILLA too, to get it going
      it doesn't feel that complete and unite
      - mozilla wont be ready for GTK2 so gnome2 will be released but without
      any browser. galeon can't be ported to gnome2 as long as mozilla
      components aren't moved to gtk2. from what i heard work are done
      already but it's not sure if its ready just in time.
      - sick new preferences save system a' la windows registry
      - new versions of something are beeing spit out too fast without any
      serious (news or fixes)

      hey don't flame me now these are my own impressions and opinions.

      Name....: Ali Akcaagac
      Status..: Student Of Computer & Economic Science
      E-Mail..: mailto:ali.akcaagac@...-wilhelmshaven.de
      WWW.....: http://www.fh-wilhelmshaven.de/~akcaagaa
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