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26158Re: script bloat

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  • Benoit Cerrina
    Nov 4, 2001
      > Zdenek Sekera <zs@...> writes:
      > >I don't understand why this function is needed after Ron Aaron's
      > >very nice invention of FuncUndefined event in autocmd. That does
      > >it already all. I have a directory with plenty of functions that
      > >are loaded 'on demand' due to the FuncUndefined event.
      > >Very nice and trivial.
      > >
      > Ok, Zdenek -- here's my more simple version, which works just as well:
      > aug autoload_package
      > au FuncUndefined * :silent! exe 'source
      > aug END
      > Put the files named after the functions, in $VIMGLOBAL/auto as before...
      > Ron
      Great, as I said the function I posted directly came from a version of your
      scripts. which
      I had on my computer.
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