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26119Re: script bloat

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  • Dan Sharp
    Nov 2 9:57 AM
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      >From: Aric Blumer <Aric.Blumer@...>
      >I think we agree that there is a means to load functions from a
      >"library", so what we need now is a set of standard functions that all
      >Vim distributions contain (similar to standard plugins).

      What we need now to make it truly useful is a method to unload the
      functions, perhaps automatically after some interval (via CursorHold?).
      Otherwise, the library scripts could just be stuck in the plugins directory
      and achieve almost the same effect -- always being in memory after use; in
      that case they would just be in memory before use as well.

      >We know there's one on the list already:
      > Sort

      I think there is a binary search routine that a few scripts use.
      ctags-script.vim does, at least, but with a little modification it could be
      generally useful. No header info, so I don't know who created it.

      Dan Sharp

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