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26053Re: new version of matchit.vim (for vim 6.0)

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  • Benoit Cerrina
    Nov 1, 2001
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      > 3. Allow b:match_words = "GetMyPattern()" for context-sensitive matching
      > patterns. (E.g., for imbedded languages, depending on current syntax.)
      > b:match_words does not contain any ":" characters (and is non-empty) then
      > is treated as an expression to be evaluated.
      Great, now here is an updated ftplugin/vim.vim to include matchit definition
      ruby (its not complete but it still helps a lot) the other scripting
      languages are
      left as an exercise for the reader or for me when I use them.
      there is no matchit pattern for perl and tcl and that is surprising, on the
      other hand
      I doubt it can be done for python since it doesn't use patterns to recognize
      the end of
      a block but indent.
      I tried to add something in the ruby pattern for here documents but since
      are not really supported but rather emulated it cannot be done I fear
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