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24396Re: Vim 6.0au: can't compile Win32 console version under Borland if not using MBYTE [patch]

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  • Dan Sharp
    Sep 5, 2001
      At 11:49 PM 9/2/2001 -0400, David Kotchan wrote:
      >Experiments show that the culprit is MBYTE. If I use
      >make -f Make_bc5.mak GUI=no ICONV=no CPU=5
      >then all is well.
      >I have tinkered considerably with the makefile and, to a lesser extent,
      >with FEAT_MBYTE settings in feature.h to try and figure out the problem,
      >but no go so far. Anybody have any ideas?

      Looks like Bram was right the first time :) The initial setting of the
      FASTCALL option was still being set to 1 instead of "yes". Also, there was
      a small bug when initializing it due to incorrect checks for MBYTE and
      ICONV. The attached patch to 6.0au Make_bc5.mak should fix the
      problem. Let me know if it works for you.

      Dan Sharp
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