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24234Re: Launch time in 60as (perhaps earlier?)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 1, 2001
      Mark Ping wrote:

      > I've been trying out the 60as version, and I've noticed that the
      > launch time has changed significantly since 60am (the previous version
      > I was using).
      > In 60as (and 60at) the launch time is routinely ~3 seconds, whereas
      > 60am is almost always less than 1 second. Anyone else experience this
      > problem? I tried launching without loading plugins, etc.
      > (gvim60as.exe --noplugin -u NONE -U NONE) and didn't see any
      > difference--60am with the same options launched instantly.
      > I'm running Win2K SP 1 on an 800MHz PIII w/256 MB of RAM.

      Are you using a gvim with the same features? The "big" version that's
      included in the self-installing executable does dynamic loading of a few
      libraries, perhaps that slows down startup a bit. I only noticed a
      slowdown on the start of the first Vim though, not when I start it

      I'm sure that I asked CBuilder to do a "full" install. Looks like I got
      a "fool" install, instead. Charles E Campbell, Jr, PhD

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