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23316Re: Vim60ap patch: Athena & Motif "Menu" highlight group fix

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 1 9:04 AM
      David Harrison wrote:

      > The only reason I haven't done it yet is that I have little time at the
      > moment. Add to that the fact that Vim 6.0 is now in BETA and I don't
      > wish to create any more instability in the code base.

      We both aim for stability and to fix all problems. In this case we might
      attempt to fix the problem, unless we can't do that in a couple of weeks (so
      that there is still time to test the result).

      > It pretty much all keys on the 'guifontset' option; if it is set, then a
      > font name is treated as a font set, otherwise a font struct.

      We could change that. In fact, I never liked it. It was a result of adding
      fontset support without the courage to change the existing fonts. The main
      difference that will remain is that 'guifont' is a list of alternate fonts,
      while 'guifontset' is a list of fonts to be used together. But we can drop
      the use of this to use a fontset internally or not. We might have been
      causing ourselves trouble by keeping the support for the fontstruct.

      Another thing is wheter we want to do it the same way for Athena and Motif.
      But I thought that fontset support is in the generic library, thus they could
      both be the same, right?

      > Last but not least, add to the fact that my RedHat 6.2 didn't seem to have
      > extensive locale support (esp. Asian locales, which I think is the main
      > reason for XFontSet), thus testing was difficult.

      Getting a good setup to do testing might indeed be difficult. But with a bit
      of help from our friends we should manage...

      > No one has yet complained about the lack of FontSet support in the
      > menus, so probably no real harm done.

      I did get a few requests for it. Don't forget that the people that would like
      to use this, often have trouble writing English, thus tend to keep their mouth

      > I AM going to fix this in 6.1.
      > By the way, in the Athena version I DO treat all the tooltips as an
      > XFontSet, which is my "test case".

      It almost looks like we have all the stuff in place to make the switch, or is
      there still some place where using a fontset will require adding new code?

      > [next message]
      > > I thought the plan was to use a fontset for everything. Thus make the
      > > choice at compile time, not at runtime. Is that too difficult to
      > > implement now?
      > No. It may just take some time (a month or two?) to work all of the
      > tiny bugs out, that's all. For example, when you set the (what should
      > be a) fontset for a menu, does it take the current locale as the locale
      > to use, or should you be able to specify a specific locale to use? If
      > it is the former, then that means that if you want to have the menu be
      > in a different locale, you have to set the :language before you source
      > menu.vim, and then set it back immediately afterwards.

      By default the current locale should be used. That's how it has always
      worked. If possible, we would like to allow setting the encoding with ":lang"
      and the 'encoding' option, and make the menus work with that. But restricting
      this to have it only work when Vim is starting up isn't too bad.

      > Can of worms?

      If that's true we better leave it alone.

      > > I thought that using the fontset was in place already.
      > Only if you compile with EXPERIMENTAL #defined.
      > Would you like for me to try something out shortly and send it in?

      Perhaps what we can do is use a FONTSET_ALWAYS define to add the code for
      this. At first to see if we run into trouble when implementing it. Then we
      can enable it by default to let people test it. When we run into too much
      trouble we can undefine it to fall back to the old code. Does that sound

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