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2221060am: where to put 'set t_Co=' ?

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    Jul 2, 2001
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      I have a special problem: I am using Xfree86 xterm(157)
      with SGI termlib which *does not* support colors, but for
      some reason I get beautiful colors (!!! yes I do!) when
      I make sure 'set t_Co=', that is t_Co is *blank*.

      Problem: where do I put 'set t_Co='?

      I tried all things I could think of, I ended up in having
      it as the last line of .vimrc, but it still doesn't work
      every time. Sometimes it works, other times I get ugly
      colors and when I check t_Co, it is set to 88 (which is
      number of colors I specified for xterm install).

      So vim has to interrogate xterm about setting of t_Co
      at some point and override my setting. OK, but why it
      doesn't happy every time?Does viminfo get into the play
      somehow? (I didn't find any indication of it).

      Currently when I get ugly colors, I have to type manually
      ':set t_Co=', I'd like to automate that and have vim come up
      with *my* t_Co every time. Where should I put that 'set command?

      (this is until I solve the ugly color problem).

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