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22202RE: mouse wheel win32 and gui.c

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  • Anduin Withers
    Jul 1, 2001
      > I would be surprised if the mouse wheel works at all without scrollbars
      > present. Perhaps it does for the "real" Microsoft mouse? It certainly
      > doesn't for mine (Ami mouse).

      It does. NT4+ and 98+ send WM_MOUSEWHEEL to the focused window when the
      mouse wheel is changed. Vim processes this in gui_w32.c.

      On 2K I can get the mouse wheel to work without scrollbars by removing the
      two lines in gui.c mentioned in my last message.

      Oh and yes it is a genuine MS optical mouse but I don't think that matters
      anymore (could be wrong never played with mouse wheel messages and support

      > I think most mouse scroll wheels detect the scrollbar window and send
      > to it to make the scrolling happen. It just won't work without the
      > scrollbars.

      I believe the initial wave of mouse wheel mice worked as you suggest but now
      there is actual support in the underlying OS with a real message.

      Anduin Withers
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