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22179mouse wheel win32 and gui.c

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  • Anduin Withers
    Jun 30, 2001
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      How necessary for other systems is the following code (vim60al gui.c line
      3146 in function gui_update_scrollbars):

      if (!gui.which_scrollbars[SBAR_LEFT] &&

      (The following may only apply to win32)

      max is never set for the scrollbar. This makes the mouse wheel useless
      unless you have scrollbars visible (I don't, I don't like them in general
      and like them even less in vim where more convenient scrolling mechanisms
      are readily available).

      If possible I'd like to see one of two things happen... make the mouse wheel
      code smarter and bail early with the same short circuit
      gui_update_scrollbars uses or make gui_update_scollbars update the
      scrollbars even it they are not visible.

      Oh motivation:

      I use the mouse wheel in other apps and occasionally hit it in vim.
      Unfortunately vim's behavior without scrollbars is very unfriendly, it
      changes the window to display the first page of the buffer (or the first
      page + 1 line depending on the scroll direction) and places the cursor on
      the last line of the window.

      (To reproduce this turn off scrollbars in your .vimrc and use the mouse

      Anduin Withers
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