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22168Re: vim 6.0* Win32 "Edit with vim popup" installation FAILS [Another Patch]

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jun 30, 2001
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      Jonathon Merz wrote:

      > It turns out this is because WinNT recognizes a program compiled by DJGPP as
      > a DOS program and changes COMSPEC to command.com in that program's
      > environment.

      Isn't that annoying!

      > The workaround I am using for this is to search the path for cmd.exe, and if
      > it is found, use it explicitly, otherwise, just make the regular call for
      > start /w.

      That sounds like it should work everywhere. If someone installed cmd.exe on
      Win98, would it work there?

      > Non-DJGPP compiles are still writing directly to the registry since that is
      > a little cleaner at this point.

      What do you mean with "cleaner". Quite a bit of code is doubled now. You can
      also see that the DJGPP code is a lot shorter and easier to understand.

      > I've attached a patch for that below, based off the vim60al source.

      I'll include it now, since this should at least a few bugs with the previous

      > Bram - In the interest of making dosinst.c easier to work with, Walter and I
      > were discussing the possibility of breaking it up into a number of files
      > based on function and giving it it's own directory somewhere in the Vim
      > source tree. It seems to be getting rather large with what we are adding to
      > it, and due to the number of very different things it does, it is starting
      > to seem disorganized, and breaking it into more specific pieces seems like a
      > better way to do things. Would something like that be acceptible? If so,
      > we will wait until it gets to a temporarily static state to make that change
      > before we start anything new.

      I rather keep it as one file. Then it's clear which code belongs to the
      install program and not to Vim itself. Also, breaking it up into files tends
      to be an invitation to let it grow further.
      If the program is getting a bit large, then spend some time on making it
      cleaner, shorter and simpler.

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