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20328Re: 60ad: very weird thing

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    May 1, 2001
      Anduin Withers wrote:
      > As the output indicates that is the new vim6 command-line window.
      > Try :help cmdwindow

      Gosh, I didn't know at all about this, looks like my description fits
      just perfect :-)! Make it

      :h cmdwin
      :h cmdline-window

      > from the help you can see you are transposing keys to get here (in normal
      > mode q: will launch the command-line window).
      > I frequently hit :Q (failure to remove my finger from the shift key) myself
      > which has the side-effect of invoking QuickComment, a function I wrote.
      > Weird when it happens but understandable.

      Oh yes, very much so! Thanks for explanation, all now fits together.
      So, in fact, I got it whenever I fumbled and typed q: rather than wanted
      Yes, must have happened *very* many times then....:-)!

      Thanks a lot!

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