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19475Re: toggling keymap in normal mode

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 3, 2001
      Alexey Marinichev wrote:

      > I use vim as an editor to compose emails. Sometimes I write in English
      > and sometimes in Russian. I do not know in advance which language it
      > will be. Right now, I have to type :set keymap=something once before I
      > can type cyrillic. That's annoying. I just want C-^ to always work.
      > Imapping C-^ to clever combination of setting keymap and unmapping C-^
      > is just too hacky, is it not?

      The current support of 'keymap' is for what most people would need. If you
      start editing a Russian file, you select the Russian 'keymap'. That should be
      easy and straightforward.

      If you want to switch the 'keymap' on/off for specific situations, like when
      editing an e-mail that contains a MIME note about the charset, feel free to
      make any mapping, script and function that you need. The most obvious would

      :map <F4> :set keymap=russian<CR>
      :map <F5> :set keymap=<CR>

      Actually, if there would be an option to enable/disable the keymap, this would
      probably end up being used with a mapping as well.

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