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19474Re: toggling keymap in normal mode

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  • Alexey Marinichev
    Apr 3, 2001
      On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 08:45:18PM +0200, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Alexey Marinichev wrote:
      > > How do I toggle keyboard map set by 'keymap' option from the normal
      > > mode? There isn't anything simpler than :normal a <Ctrl-^> <Esc> <CR>,
      > > is there?
      > No, since the mappings only take effect in Insert mode, it's logical that you
      > can only enable/disable them from Insert mode. Well, except when you want to
      > use "r".

      Also "f" and "F". That's the whole point of lmaps, to have remapping
      working everywhere.

      > > Related issue: if I set 'keymap' option, keyboard gets remapped. It
      > > would be nice to be able to set the option and leave the keyboard in its
      > > unmapped state, to have Ctrl-^ switch the mappings.
      > Pff, yet another option?

      It doesn't have to be an option. I'm file with normal mode command that
      switches mapping, then I could do :normal g<C-^> or whatever it would

      > Why do you first tell Vim to map keys for your language and then say "but I
      > don't want to use them"? Perhaps you should postpone loading them until you
      > really want to use them.

      I use vim as an editor to compose emails. Sometimes I write in English
      and sometimes in Russian. I do not know in advance which language it
      will be. Right now, I have to type :set keymap=something once before I
      can type cyrillic. That's annoying. I just want C-^ to always work.
      Imapping C-^ to clever combination of setting keymap and unmapping C-^
      is just too hacky, is it not?

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