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19446Re: 6.0z: Aborted scp makes stdin line buffered

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Apr 1, 2001
      Andreas Gunnarsson wrote:

      > Try this:
      > - Edit a file
      > - :e scp://some.hostname.with.sshd/file
      > - CTRL-C when asked for passphrase
      > - :buf 1
      > - Do some stuff in the first file (moving the cursor up and down a couple of
      > hundred times works)
      > Vim seems to lose control over the input; when a key is pressed it is
      > echoed to the screen and vim doesn't handle the input until return is
      > pressed. It is as if stdin becomes buffered when the password question
      > is interrupted, but not until after a while.

      It looks like "scp" does something to the terminal that Vim doesn't undo. Vim
      does try to set the terminal back to a mode it prefers, but perhaps something
      is missing for your system. Look in mch_settmode() in os_unix.c.
      Unfortunately there is no "reset_tty()" function...

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