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19439Re: SEGV on command-line

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  • Andrew Rodionoff
    Mar 31, 2001
      Greetings, Bram

      On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 23:25:32, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      BM> Andrew Rodionoff wrote:

      >> Vim explodes when first character of command is lowercase [:alpha:] but
      >> not [a-z] (e.g. Cyrillic_a). Here's a simple fix:

      BM> Does this mean that this character returns TRUE for isalpha()? Hmm, I
      Yes, in properly-configured Russian locale.
      BM> suspect a few more things will be broken then...
      I don't have much trouble with it, although I use i18n characters

      BM> We probably require a new set of character test functions that don't
      BM> change with the locale. I have always found this very confusing...
      I suppose you don't want to ruin all i18n capabilities? There are too many
      editor functions that rely on locale-correct upper/lower & alpha/digit
      character tests.

      BM> We could use isalpha() && isascii() but that won't work for EBCDIC.
      Why not? I guess isascii() will work as long as 8th bit is not involved.

      Best regards, Andrew

      I just remembered something about a TOAD!
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