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18570Re: broken build

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 1, 2001
      Craig Barkhouse wrote:

      > It also built fine for me on Win2K without having to modify any files.
      > WIN32 does get defined for me. This is because in Make_mvc.mak, CFLAGS is
      > initialized to include $(CVARS). Just a bit earlier, CVARS was set to
      > either $(cvars), or $(cvarsmt) for multithreaded, or $(cvarsd) whenever
      > DEBUG is defined. It gets these from win32.mak which is !included. The
      > problem is that $(cvarsd) does not exist, at least in my win32.mak (VC++ 6,
      > SP4). Vipin is trying to compile the debug version.
      > There is a similar problem with CON_LIB. When compiling the debug version,
      > it gets set to $(conlibsd) or $(conlibsdlld). On my system, neither of
      > these exist in win32.mak.
      > Attached is a new Make_mvc.mak that I've tested using debug/non-debug and
      > GUI/console (a total of four combinations). Below are the diffs.

      Looks OK to me. I'll include this, unless someone has a problem with that.

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