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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Mar 1, 2001
      horos wrote:

      > well, that's a start, but I was looking for something a little more
      > sophisticated. When you say, in perl:
      > use FileHandle;
      > perl looks through a variable called @INC to locate the module, and then
      > tags '.pm' on the end of it. Hence, I'd want to be able to *program* the *f
      > commands, and furthermore tie them to a given suffix (.pm, .pl, etc)

      The 'suffixesadd' option helps a bit here. But the file name must be valid
      for this to work, not end in "*" or have "." for file name separator.

      > ps -- this is also true for python and java, which do similar transforms...
      > doing it really right would involve being able to handle 'import package.*'
      > and split on multiple files.

      This works for the commands that look for an included file with 'includeexpr'.
      Using 'includeexpr' also for "gf" (when it doesn't work without modification)
      would be a solution.

      > pps -- for some reason, my posts aren't making it to the list from my other
      > address (edwardp@...). Could someone check to see what's going on/
      > if I am being accidentally dropped?

      You can only send messages to the list from the address where you subscribed.
      Unfortunately you don't get a warning now. I have asked the maillist
      maintainer to make it send a reply to you to let you know the message was
      refused, but apparently this still doesn't work.

      You could subscribe from the other address too, and then disable receiving
      messages there (Send a message to the vim-dev-help@... address to find out

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