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18471Re: X11 GUI i18n

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 27, 2001
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      Andrew Rodionoff wrote:

      > It appears that Vim compiled with +xim does not need multibyte and fontset
      > features. The patch included works fine for me, allowing to input i18n
      > characters using X11R6 xkb w/o fontset and stuff.

      This makes sense to me. This code was written from the point of view of an
      Asian, where the fontset is required. But XIM and fontset appear to be mostly
      independent of eachother.

      I'll make this change such that when Vim was compiled with the xfontset
      feature but no fontset was specified, it works the same way as not compiling
      with xfontset support. This was mostly the case already. Perhaps I still
      missed a few places though, this should be checked in the next version.

      > I've also included new option 'metaesc', aimed to make GUI Vim send <esc>
      > before Meta-modified key, like xterm does. This one supposed to solve a
      > problem of entering Meta-modified 8bit chars.

      There are a few problems with this:
      - An extra option. Would be better if meta keys work the same way always.
      - Using <M-x> in mappings won't work when 'metaesc' is set.
      - Using an ESC causes trouble in Insert mode, it's not normally used for
      special keys in the GUI.

      It's not clear what problem this option is trying to solve.

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