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18125Re: X11 GUI i18n

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  • Andrew Rodionoff
    Feb 12, 2001
      Greetings, Bram

      On Sat, Feb 10, 2001 at 22:46:19, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      >> 1) Vim uses X input method only in multibyte character locale. This is
      >> not good, because there are many systems where character is one byte
      >> long, but input events are multibyte. Such locales considered `broken'
      >> by configure script, but that's not true (see attached patch1). BTW,
      >> 'guifontset' option is not strictly nessessary in this case.

      BM> This has already changed considerably. Please have a look into how Vim
      BM> 6.0u does this. Perhaps suggest a change relative to that.
      I'll look into it as soon as I'll grab the next version. As far as I can
      tell now XIM is fully usable without any mbyte or fontset stuff at all. I use
      slightly patched version of 5.7 with fontset and multibyte disabled and have
      no trouble editing 8bit text.

      BM> Most of the XIM stuff has been made by Asians. I'm sure that some work
      BM> needs to be done for Russian, Polish, etc. It's very difficult for
      BM> someone to work on code that he will never use himself.

      >> 2) Vim tries some fallbacks when opening IM server, except the one with
      >> input method set to 'none': (see patch2)

      BM> What does this do?
      This is primarily for poor fellows who have no input method server for
      their language, but who'd like to benefit from using IM. I have a msg from
      Sung-Hyun-Nam who suggests using Xdefaults for this. He is quite right, but I
      think this fallback is reasonable and helps to run XIM out-of-the-box.

      >> 3) GUI Vim uses 8th bit to recognize Meta-<key> combos. If you are
      >> typing 8-bit text -- you are screwed :( I don't have generic solution
      >> yet. For myself I stuff <Esc> before a keysym, like it's done in xterms,
      >> and set 'esckeys' option. (see patch3 and patch4)

      BM> For people like me, using Meta-c is a good way to enter an 8-bit
      BM> character.
      For people like myself Meta-i-i sequence is a good way to insert \item to
      TeX or <item></item> to SGML source :)

      BM> We would need a good way to detect that you are typing 8-bit
      BM> text in some other way. How to detect this? If impossible, perhaps
      BM> this should be an option.
      I guess so. I'll wait for next release and try to make up a more mature
      version of this patch.

      Best regards, Andrew

      I was making donuts and now I'm on a bus!
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