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18082Re: X11 GUI i18n

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 10, 2001
      Andrew Rodionoff wrote:

      > I have some thoughts about current state of affairs in X11 Vim i18n.
      > Please tell me if I'm wrong.

      You have been looking into Vim 5.7. The most recent version is 6.0u. This is
      an alpha test version, but it includes many changes for the multi-byte code.

      > 1) Vim uses X input method only in multibyte character locale. This is not
      > good, because there are many systems where character is one byte long, but
      > input events are multibyte. Such locales considered `broken' by configure
      > script, but that's not true (see attached patch1). BTW, 'guifontset' option
      > is not strictly nessessary in this case.

      This has already changed considerably. Please have a look into how Vim 6.0u
      does this. Perhaps suggest a change relative to that.

      Most of the XIM stuff has been made by Asians. I'm sure that some work needs
      to be done for Russian, Polish, etc. It's very difficult for someone to work
      on code that he will never use himself.

      > 2) Vim tries some fallbacks when opening IM server, except the one with
      > input method set to 'none': (see patch2)

      What does this do?

      > 3) GUI Vim uses 8th bit to recognize Meta-<key> combos. If you are typing
      > 8-bit text -- you are screwed :( I don't have generic solution yet. For
      > myself I stuff <Esc> before a keysym, like it's done in xterms, and set
      > 'esckeys' option. (see patch3 and patch4)

      For people like me, using Meta-c is a good way to enter an 8-bit character.
      We would need a good way to detect that you are typing 8-bit text in some
      other way. How to detect this? If impossible, perhaps this should be an

      I suggest you wait a couple of days before getting 6.0, because I have just
      been doing quite a bit of work on the multi-byte code. The next version will
      support editing UTF-8 on a normal (latin1) terminal, for example.

      - Bram

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