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17872Re: bailing out of debug mode

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    Feb 2, 2001
      Benji Fisher wrote:
      > Vim Dev Guys and Gals:
      > Is there a way to bail out of a hopelessly confused function in debug
      > mode? I tried CTRL-C and it did not work. Once one variable comes up
      > undefined, I get a lot of error messages before the function quits. Maybe
      > this is a more general problem, that the "Hit ENTER" prompt does not
      > accept CTRL-C.

      I hit that one, too, and didn't find a way out. I'd be interested to
      know, too.
      I just killed the window but that's what you want to do...
      Problem is I can't reproduce it now, I fixed some of the problems and
      I can't get into that state.

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