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17823Re: :X command

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 31, 2001
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      Chase Tingley wrote:

      > The more serious of Bram's suggestions about disabling :X all rely on
      > recompiling, which isn't really that great for a multi-user environment --
      > some people may want to be able to use :X, but the majority of users may
      > never want to see it. Why not have a boolean "encrypt" option? It
      > defaults to true, and people can "set noencrypt" to turn disable :X.
      > (Alternately, an administrator could "set noencrypt" system-wide, and let
      > users re-enable it as they desire.)
      > This would be easy. I guess there's a question of exactly what the option
      > would control -- whether it just disables :X (which only sets a key), or
      > also disables the encryption on write that happens when the key is set.
      > Also, what happens if an encrypted file is opened while "encrypt" is turned
      > off? (Presumably you get a prompt as normal and aren't forced to read the
      > encrypted version...)

      My point is that you should not disable a command. If someone types :X
      accidentally, he needs a way to get out without causing damage. There
      is an item in the todo list to require the password to be typed twice,
      and refuse it when it's not identical. I think that should be
      sufficient. It's not 100% backwards compatible, but I don't think that
      is a problem in this case, since you are always typing the password.

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