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  • Chase Tingley
    Jan 30, 2001
      > > > The build-in commands take precedence. This is noted in the docs.
      > >
      > > So, how do I disable :X then? :-)
      > 1. Remove the X key from your keyboard
      > 2. Get hypnotized to panic and switch off the computer when you only think
      > of typing :X
      > 3. Edit src/ex_docmd.c and make the ex_X() function empty, recompile.
      > 4. Use Emacs
      > 5. Disable the crypt feature in src/feature.h and recompile

      The discussion of disabling the :X command reminded me of a hilarious story
      involving a somewhat younger me, a friend of mine, a lengthy header file
      for his introductory CS class final project, my incomplete knowledge of vi,
      and repeated attempts to <ESC>/<CTRL-C> my way out of the key prompt (which
      unlike vim's apparently didn't take <CTRL-C> for an answer). Later, I
      managed to recreate most of the file from memory, then ran failed compiles
      against it until I figured out the rest.

      The more serious of Bram's suggestions about disabling :X all rely on
      recompiling, which isn't really that great for a multi-user environment --
      some people may want to be able to use :X, but the majority of users may
      never want to see it. Why not have a boolean "encrypt" option? It
      defaults to true, and people can "set noencrypt" to turn disable :X.
      (Alternately, an administrator could "set noencrypt" system-wide, and let
      users re-enable it as they desire.)

      This would be easy. I guess there's a question of exactly what the option
      would control -- whether it just disables :X (which only sets a key), or
      also disables the encryption on write that happens when the key is set.
      Also, what happens if an encrypted file is opened while "encrypt" is turned
      off? (Presumably you get a prompt as normal and aren't forced to read the
      encrypted version...)

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