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17074Re: matchit.vim et cetera

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  • Benji Fisher
    Jan 1, 2001
      Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      > Benji Fisher wrote:
      > > 2. request: it would be convenient if search() had a flag giving the
      > > default (forward) behavior, as in
      > >
      > > :call search("foo", "f")
      > Eh, why? If you leave out "b" it will search forward.
      > > In fact, I would prefer "?" and "/" instead of "b" and "f".
      > That's a matter of taste.
      > > 3. compilation woes: The README files say that there is a vim*.zip file
      > > containing the sources for dos-like systems. I could not find this for
      > > vim 6.0q; are these distributions only made for use releases?
      > Yes. All the files are in the Unix src and the extra archives. You could
      > generate the dos-source archive from this yourself.
      > > Using MS VC++ 6.0, I could not compile from the command line (probably
      > > because include files were not in my path) so I tried the GUI compiler
      > > interface. According to the docs, this should compile gvim by default, but
      > > I got the console version.
      > For the command line to work you need to run "vcvars32" first.
      > For gvim you need to use Make_gvc.mak. It can be converted into a project to
      > use in the VC-GUI. Make_mvc.mak produces a console version by default, but
      > can also make other versions. I don't think it can be converted into a
      > project, which makes debugging difficult. (I only have MSVC 5.0, but I don't
      > think 6.0 is different).

      2. It's not a big deal, just a matter of convenience. Consider
      MyFoo("forward") and YourFoo("backward"):

      fun MyFoo(direction)
      search("foo", a:direction[0])

      fun YourFoo(direction)
      if a:direction == "backward"
      let flag = "b"
      let flag = ""
      search("foo", flag)

      3. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll save this for the next time I want to
      compile. Unfortunately, when I run vcvars32, I get "Out of environment
      space" warnings, so I doubt it did any good. Maybe some day I will get
      Linux to talk to my modem and start using a real OS...

      You are right: I used Make_mvc.mak instead of Make_gvc.mak . My
      mistake (or "missed make" ;).
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