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  • Benji Fisher
    Dec 31, 2000
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      Hello, Vim Dev!

      I have a few questions and comments about vim 6.0, so I have
      subscribed to vim-dev. I plan to unsubscribe soon because I expect this
      list to tempt me to spend even more time on vim.

      1. matchit.vim: There is now a version for vim 6.0. You can get it from
      my vim page:
      Already, <count>% works from Visual mode (giving the default behavior).
      Next, I plan to use search() to eliminate nasty error messages. I will
      post frequent updates on the web, but I will not bother the list with
      every little change. I am also planning to write the docs in vim help

      2. request: it would be convenient if search() had a flag giving the
      default (forward) behavior, as in

      :call search("foo", "f")

      In fact, I would prefer "?" and "/" instead of "b" and "f".

      3. compilation woes: The README files say that there is a vim*.zip file
      containing the sources for dos-like systems. I could not find this for
      vim 6.0q; are these distributions only made for use releases? Using MS
      VC++ 6.0, I could not compile from the command line (probably because
      include files were not in my path) so I tried the GUI compiler interface.
      According to the docs, this should compile gvim by default, but I got the
      console version.

      --Benji Fisher
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