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16630Re: vim 6 again

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  • Neil Bird
    Dec 4, 2000
      Vince Negri wrote:
      > Neil Bird wondered:
      > > Is it just me, or is it a hell of a lot slower than 5.7?
      > This sort of comment came up before and provoked a discussion about
      > how to benchmark vim to assess the effectiveness of speedups...

      Yes, as expected, this is with syntax colouring. To be more precise,
      it's in a newish colour xterm.

      The comparison may not have been entirely fair, since I've noticed that
      the perl syntax colouring has always been more sluggish that the others,
      but that was the first biggest file to hand - I was just paging up/down a

      It seems as if turning off syntax colouring levels things out, so it's
      at least to /do/ with that.

      However, I have noticed two build differences, which I'll investigate
      further: my 5.7 vim has basic Motif GUI support built in (I thought I'd
      turned it off - I used to try to do a 'vim' build with no GUI [but X11
      clipboard], and then a 'gvim' with GTK+ GUI). Dunno how my 5.7 vim managed
      to get Motif GUI in it :-/

      Anyway, the 6.0 was compiled up with GTK+, so I'll try that out first
      (shouldn't make a difference, but you never know). In fact, I tended away
      from splitting the two builds since the main reason was to reduce 'vim'
      exe. size, and there wasn't much in it in the end!

      The other difference is that I now use libncurses, which could (but
      mayhaps shouldn't) easily affect it (i.e., it's in 6.0 but not 5.7). I'll
      try that afterwards too.

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