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16623RE: Vim 6 goodies list?

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  • Paul Moore
    Dec 2, 2000
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      From: Bram@... [mailto:Bram@...]
      > > How stable /is/ 6 ATM?
      > Reasonably. But I'm changing it all the time, thus recently changed code
      > might contain problems...

      You ought to be aware that Bram's definition of "reasonably stable" equates
      to a more stable state than many people's idea of "ready for release" :-)

      I have always used the latest available versions of Vim - I'm currently
      running 6.0n, and I have never encountered any real problems. In particular,
      Vim has NEVER lost data on me.

      Rock-solid stability is one of the features of Vim which is very rarely
      advertised, but is incredibly valuable. Thanks, Bram.

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