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16621RE: bug?: same file loaded multiple times

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Dec 2, 2000
      Scott Graham wrote:

      > They are in fact the same physical file, if that's what you mean. Normally,
      > no matter how a file is opened I end up with only one buffer.
      > 1^G on one buffer gives me: "D:\fifa\ps2\src\rm\rmplyr.c"
      > 1^G on the other gives me: "\fifa\ps2\src\rm\rmplyr.c"
      > But the second one is in fact on D:.. It looks like this needs to resolve
      > more "fully"?

      It seems the function that compares file names isn't working properly. I'll
      look into that.

      > > I can understand that you would want to change the error list
      > > by editing the quickfix window. But I don't see how this would work.
      > Does that information really need to be stored? I used to use a similar
      > thing implemented in macros/script functions that just did the equivalent of
      > 'gf'. Are there cases for the error window where that information is too
      > slow to parse out when the actual jump is requested?

      It's not a matter of speed. What you see in the quickfix window is only part
      of the information. The column number isn't there, for example. Also, after
      jumping to an error, if you use ":cn", should it use the error list or the
      contents of the quickfix window? To keep this consistent I insist on keeping
      the contents of the quickfix window equal to the error list.

      > In any case, it's not important, save and :cfile is a fine solution to the
      > problem (though maybe a note to that effect in the docs?)

      I'll add a remark to the docs.

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