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16598RE: vim 6 again

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  • Vince Negri
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Neil Bird wondered:

      > Is it just me, or is it a hell of a lot slower than 5.7? Paging down a
      > perl script in 5.7 is pretty nippy; in 6 it's nearly painful.

      This sort of comment came up before and provoked a discussion about
      how to benchmark vim to assess the effectiveness of speedups...

      This is with syntax highlighting on, I presume? Compare performance
      with syntax highlighting off, so as to see if it's Vim generally that's
      slower or the syntax highlighting.

      The earlier complaint was also that
      syntax highlighting had got slower, which was worrying because one
      of the changes for Vim 6 has been a load of work by Bram to speed
      it up!


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