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16579Re: sigaltstack

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  • Matthew Hawkins
    Dec 1 2:41 AM
      Non FreeBSD-people, hit 'd' now :)

      Ignore my last patch, it's bogus (code only checks for it being defined,
      regardless of whether its set to 1 or 0). This escaped because I had
      stupidly left -lc on in the port Makefile so it linked correctly anyway.

      I was just touching up a less bogus patch (removing sigaltstack from
      AC_CHECK_FUNCS when compiling for FreeBSD with python support) which
      works for me, but seeing as Bram has also solved the problem in the mean
      time there's no point me submitting it.

      Just a quick q though, if the threaded python library (or any threaded
      library for that matter) is being linked in, is -pthread necessary all
      the time or just on the final link? Because right now, its only being
      put in on the final link. I haven't seen any problems yet, just

      The good news is that I've got GTK support working so with any luck
      David will put it back into the port.


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