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16570Re: Vim 6 goodies list?

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  • Zdenek Sekera
    Dec 1, 2000
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      Neil Bird wrote:
      > Is there, or will there be, a decent summary of vim 6 goodies [from
      > booth normal & power user perspectives]? (if there isn't, don't waste any
      > time typing one in just for a reply to this!)
      > I've had way too much work to do to be able to keep up in the way I'd
      > want, but I've seen hints of some rather nice ideas - there's the obvious
      > horiz-split stuff, but there's been talk of plugins & the like.
      > How stable /is/ 6 ATM?

      Can't help with the first part, had the same problem as you had but as
      as the stability of 6.0 I am most impressed. After some tries I switched
      completely to 6.0 and keep 5.7 for "just in case" but I don't believe
      I'll ever need it anymore. I'm, of course, installing every new 6.0x as
      comes but its worth every minute lost on the install. But even install
      so easy (your mileage may vary depending on features you include, I
      that I just have wraparound script that does all. 6.0 has so much good
      (that I'm discovering as the time goes) there is no point to stay with
      the "old".

      Congratulations to Bram for the most stable alpha of anything I've ever

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