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16566Re: sigaltstack

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  • Matthew Hawkins
    Nov 30, 2000
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      I've just subscribed but found this thread in the archives. Sorry about
      the lack of References: but obviously I don't have the originals ;)

      Anyway my problem is identical, but I have some further insight Bram and
      Johannes missed.

      Johannes is linking against libpython, has obviously compiled it with
      thread support, and hence -pthread is added to the gcc command line.
      This makes gcc use libc_r.so, not libc.so, obviously because threaded
      applications will need the reentrant versions of the functions.

      The trick is, libc_r does not have sigaltstack(). nm the library.
      To complicate matters further, it also does not have sigstack() which
      means simply undefining HAVE_SIGALTSTACK and hence using the alternative
      init_signal_stack() code will not work.

      I guess one solution is to compile python without threads support. I
      doubt this will make for happy python campers ;)

      Any ideas for a real solution? This hits FreeBSD 4.2 with Python 2.0 as
      well (aka, my box ;).

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