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16564bug?: same file loaded multiple times

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  • Graham, Scott
    Nov 30 2:15 PM
      I normally do :find file.c to open a file, and have the root of my C project
      added to path. This works fine, and Vim loads a file like:
      But, now, if I do a :grep and the output in the :cwindow looks like
      \proj\ps2\src\file.c|100|: blah
      and I hit tab on that line, I get a second buffer with the same file, but a
      different copy. Now when I move between them I get "warning: buffer
      changed", and I lose changes if I load/save the wrong one.

      In general usage, this doesn't happen I don't think and a buffer normally
      maps directly to a disk file.

      Using vim60l still.. I don't think this was fixed in M or N though (?).

      Also, regarding :cwindow, is it possible to have it be "reparsed" (or
      something) after the BufReadPost?

      If I do something like:
      autocmd BufReadPost quickfix :g/Binary\ file.*matches/:.d
      to delete binary file matches (or similarly to remove hits in 'tags', or

      Now, when I tab on those lines, Vim jumps to what _was_ on that line before,
      not what's listed now.

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