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16053Oh, no! (was Re: Dynamic link with perl and python (vim60k-w32))

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  • Ron Aaron
    Nov 3, 2000
      Dan Sharp <vimuser@...> writes:
      >Ron Aaron wrote:
      >> I have just uploaded a mingw32 compiled version of vim60k-win32 to my web
      >> site:
      >> http://www.mossbayeng.com/~ron/vim/gvim.exe
      >> It is compiled with Perl and Python (Dynamic!!!) support. You do *not* have
      >> to have either perl or python installed to use the exe, but (of course) you do
      >> if you want to use the perl or python interfaces.
      >Are you sure? I downloaded the file and tried to run it, but I get an
      >"Unable to Locate DLL" error that python20.dll could not be found the
      >specified path, and so the program will not load. I have perl 5.6 and
      >python 1.5.2 installed, but I figured if it couldn't find the correct
      >version of the python DLL, it would consider it to not be installed and
      >disable the python interface.

      Alas, you've found me out! I had the Python and perl installed, so I didn't
      catch the failure to really dynamically load.

      I have just uploaded a *new* version, which is *really* dynamically loaded (!)
      to the same place:


      Also, I have had to redo my patches. Here are the new, improved patches,
      against 6.0k *with* the dynamic perl/python patch from that fellow...

      I have solved the cross-platform problem (e.g. the -Dwhat=\"string\" not
      working on Win32). The solution is to write a temporary .h file (dyn-ming.h)
      and include it in the if_python.c and if_perl.xs if using MINGW32. Thanks to
      those of you who offered suggestions.

      My make file is also updated. Here's the patches:
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