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16037RE: Dynamic link with perl and python (vim60k-w32)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Nov 3, 2000
      Ron Aaron wrote:

      > I have just uploaded a mingw32 compiled version of vim60k-win32 to my web
      > site:
      > http://www.mossbayeng.com/~ron/vim/gvim.exe
      > It is compiled with Perl and Python (Dynamic!!!) support. You do *not* have
      > to have either perl or python installed to use the exe, but (of course) you
      > do if you want to use the perl or python interfaces. In which case, you
      > will want to install the ActiveState versions of same:
      > http://www.activestate.com/
      > The patch to 'Make_ming.mak' is attached here;

      I'll merge it in. It seems part of the previous patch is also needed.

      > NOTE: I had to cross compile from Linux, because for some reason, the make
      > on Win32 didn't accept e.g.:
      > -DBLAH=\"a string\"
      > and I couldn't figure out how to get that part working (which it does, just
      > fine, on Linux).

      Doesn't this work:
      -DBLAH="a string"

      I suspect the backslashes work differently on Windows.

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