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15783Re: Few questions on new features:

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 19, 2000
      Matt Armstrong wrote:

      > Looks like the ftplugin is getting sourced. There may be a bug
      > somewhere that is causing some of the messages to get lost without a
      > --More-- prompt.
      > I'm running 60i with a few of the bug fixes posted so far, and a .vimrc
      > of:
      > ---------------------------
      > filetype plugin on
      > ---------------------------
      > And nothing in my ~/.vim except a ~/.vim/ftplugin/cpp/default.vim of
      > ---------------------------
      > this-is-an-error
      > set tw=20
      > ---------------------------
      > A "vim foo.cpp" doesn't report an error, yet tw is set to 20, so the
      > ftplugin is running.

      If I try this, I do get the error message. And then a hit-return prompt. I
      don't think the more prompt matters here. Do you have something set to avoid
      the hit-return prompt?

      You can also use ":messages" to see previous messages.

      > Then a :e foo2.cpp will report an error in my
      > default.vim in big red text: "Not an editor command: this-is-an-error."
      > vim -V foo.cpp doesn't show any of the plugins being loaded, but vim
      > -V15 foo.cpp produces enough output to cause a --More-- prompt and I can
      > see this (though the Error is not highlighted in red).

      When starting up the color stuff isn't initialized yet, that's normal.

      I'm afraid I can't guess why I do see the error message and you don't...

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