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15504Re: virtualedit cursor movement and 'x' bug

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  • Matthias Kramm
    Oct 2, 2000
      > What should "x" really do in virtual-edit mode? Nothing, probably.

      Yes. As "x" means dl, it _should_ do nothing.
      Anyway, we _want_ it to delete the last character of a line if the cursor
      is on that character. (this is somehow incorrect, because the l motion
      wouldn't change the cursor position, so the dl should do nothing)

      > Doesn't the problem exist because coladvance_force() adds spaces, even though
      > we don't need them, since nothing is going to be deleted? Perhaps the spaces
      > should not be added when the operator is a no-op (or will fail).

      Actually, no coladvance_force-s take place, at least none that change the
      text (the cursor is on a non-virtual position, being on the last character
      of a line)
      The problem is the one mentioned above: dl would do nothing, but is
      expected to delete one character. That's why I made deletes of one char out of
      deletes of zero chars.


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