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15499Re: virtualedit cursor movement and 'x' bug

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Oct 2, 2000
      Matthias Kramm wrote:

      > This would mean we hunk some code where x is translated into dl, because this
      > is the reason of failure when x get's pressed in virtual-mode at the end of
      > a line: d? deletes text of the motion ?, which is zero here (only coladd
      > get's modified) Something like
      > if(ve-is-on and end-of-line) then
      > don't translate x into dl but into... [?]

      What should "x" really do in virtual-edit mode? Nothing, probably.

      Doesn't the problem exist because coladvance_force() adds spaces, even though
      we don't need them, since nothing is going to be deleted? Perhaps the spaces
      should not be added when the operator is a no-op (or will fail).

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