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15254RE: Vim 6.0h: Win32 compile problem

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  • Brent Fulgham
    Sep 5, 2000
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      > When I compile Vim on my Win 98 machine, and then run the binary
      > on a Win NT machine, it should work. Thus the code should not
      > depend on #ifdefs, which work at compile time, but on something
      > that doesn't use the ACL functions when running on a system that
      > doesn't support it.
      Okay, so then the library will need to be dynamically loaded.

      > The real problem was that the Ming compiler doesn't have the
      > libraries for the ACL functions. Thus it doesn't work at
      > compile time.
      No -- what I am saying is that the Microsoft compiler exhibits
      the same behavior. Simply #ifdef'ing around MING will NOT
      fix this problem.


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