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15239RE: Vim 6.0h: Win32 compile problem

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Sep 2 7:12 AM
      Brent Fulgham wrote:

      > Sorry! I was unclear. I'm compiling using MS Visual Studio 6.0
      > (Service Pack 4) on Windows 95. This is not limited to Mingw32
      > -- it's going to be common to any windows build.

      When I compile Vim on my Win 98 machine, and then run the binary on a Win NT
      machine, it should work. Thus the code should not depend on #ifdefs, which
      work at compile time, but on something that doesn't use the ACL functions when
      running on a system that doesn't support it.

      The real problem was that the Ming compiler doesn't have the libraries for the
      ACL functions. Thus it doesn't work at compile time.

      > Maybe we need a different define for Win 98, but I don't see anything
      > in the headers that would allow me to do that. Perhaps Win98
      > satisfies the _WIN32_WINNT define?

      Win 98 is very similar to Win 95, from a programmers viewpoint. Just like
      Win NT and 2000 are similar.

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