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14945Re: Request for a fold option...

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  • Tim
    Aug 7, 2000
      I agree with that.

      I'm not sure whether it is particularily beneficial yet to have commands to
      move front, end, middle(?) within a fold...

      I think that depends on how the folds are used.

      If I used folds on functions, then I think it will be beneficial to be able
      to move to the beginning, end, and middle of the function contents.

      What do you guys think?

      >I think the rule should be that when you move the cursor into a closed fold,
      >it will be in the first line. But when the cursor was somewhere in a fold
      >you then close it, it should just stay where it is. This will avoid that
      >closing and then opening a fold moves the cursor. Agreed?
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