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14891Re: Vim can't use filename having MBYTE

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 4, 2000
      Yasuhiro Matsumoto wrote:

      > I think eough.
      > If I liken multi-byte characters to "[A][B][C][D][E][F]",
      > it will work as below.("[B]" and "[C]", [F] contain backslash)
      > ex: C:\[A][B]\ [C]\I_love_[D][E][F]s.txt

      You are right, when [F] is a double-byte character and the second byte is a
      backslash: "[x\]s" the backslash would be kept.

      I see one remaining problem at [C], but I'm not sure if it actually happens:


      The double backslash would be reduced to one. Hmm, the comment about this
      appears to be wrong, a double backslash would be kept. It would work OK then.

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