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14890Re: Win32 GUI cursor bug? (gvim 6.0 d)

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 4, 2000
      Tim wrote:

      > I've just started playing with 6.0 d.
      > There seems to be a cursor problem...
      > If I do:
      > :set
      > The cursor changes to a (do not enter) sign, and never changes back. :set
      > waits for a return to be pressed, and I can hit return, and go on doing Vim
      > stuff (typing, etc), but the cursor is still a (do not enter) sign.
      > However, I can click a mouse button, and it goes back to normal.
      > Not sure if this is the intended behaviour, or if it isn't, not sure how to
      > fix yet, cause i'm not familiar with Vim code that well yet. I'll look at
      > it, though, but if someone knows off hand whats wrong, just shout :)

      The mouseshape is set for different modes. When waiting for a return to be
      hit you can't really do anything, therefore that sign. But after hitting
      return it should go back to the normal pointer.

      It works fine for X11 GUI, I'll have to warm up my Windows PC to check this
      out. If you want to take a look, the shape should be updated when setmouse()
      is calling update_mouseshape().

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